Hi. I'm Michelle. delighted to "meet" you.

Only Just Becoming is a portfolio of sorts. It contains works that I have created, things that I find to be inspirational, pictures of the places I go and so much more. It is a collection of what I love, which I hope may inspire you to pursue what you love.

The Story.

A few years ago, I graduated from college with a degree that would lead me down a path I wanted to place on hold. I decided to dedicate some time to myself to do what I love and invested nearly every second of my free time to this place, a digital home, only just becoming

The site name? Well, it had to do with the state I found myself in. I was only just realizing that we are all too young, regardless of our ages, not to pursue what we love. We are all only just becoming our best and truest selves in many ways. 

While I love working with all mediums, paper, paints and inks are some of my favorites. I enjoy all things digital - hence why I make paper flower templates to share! Each flower poses as a new challenge. Being able to create the pieces to form each bloom is like completing a puzzle and I find tremendous joy in doing so. If you have a suggestion for any flower or foliage, comment below! I'd be happy to try and make a template file. 

Other than crafting, I'm obsessed with my dog, Kasper. He's my sidekick, so we do everything together. When I'm working on this website, he is usually sleeping beside me.

Let's be friends. If you have works that you would like to share, link your website below. I would love to see!