Cotton Tassels Tutorial

This is what we're making!

cotton tassles.jpg

Here's what you need:

  • 6-10 yards of embroidery or craft thread (I had tons left over from the hair wrapping days)
  • scissors

Do this:

  1. wrap thread around four fingers, until you have about a 4-6 inch tail left.
  2. pull thread off hand and you are left with a loop. 
  3. using the tail, start wrapping adjacent to the loop.
  4. tie and tuck end into wrap. 
  5. cut longer side of loop and trim as necessary. 
tassles, rainbow, cotton, diy.jpg

Additional materials for gold dipped tassels:

  • Martha Stewart liquid gilding in brass or gold
  • brush
  • tape

Do this!

  1. tape off parts that you don't want painted.
  2. paint away! 
    • only the ends of the fringe were painted here!
  3. let dry for one hour.

What can you do with these? make the keychain below! (tutorial HERE)