Flower Garden Nails Tutorial

This is what we're making!


Here's what you'll need(what was used):

  • pink nail polish(OPI You Callin' Me a Lyre?)

  • top coat(OPI Top Coat)

  • acrylic paint(Folk Art 407 Kelly Green, 901 Wicker White, 2549 Summer Peach, Craft Smart Hot Pink)

  • nail brush/s


  • lint free nail wipes

  • IBD nail prep

  • nail dotter tool

  • base coat(Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat)

  • crystal rhinestones(1mm size)

Flower Garden Nails Tutorial

Do This:

  1. apply two coats of pink polish OR one coat of base coat + one coat of pink polish. let nails fully dry.
  2. using a pointed nail brush, dab circular shapes of dark pink acrylic paint onto nails. repeat step with lighter pink and peach colors.
  3. thin some white acrylic paint by mixing in water. then using a light hand, refine circles into flowers by adding small circular strokes into centers of colored circles.

  4. add leaves using green acrylic paint. using white acrylic paint, accentuate flowers by adding a "lace" border.

  5. using a dotting tool OR nail brush OR toothpick, make dots along lace border with white acrylic paint. 

  6. finish with top coat!


You could add any additions you would like by placing on while top coat is still tacky and sealing with another layer of top coat!


Perfect for Spring!