Tiny Clay Roses Tutorial

This is what we're making!


here's what you'll need(what was used):

  • polymer clay(I used sculpey and fimo but premo is another option! translucent is the "white" clay, the other colors are yellow, raspberry, and tropical green)

  • a thin cutter(sephora card, other options are credit cards, butter knives)

  • pen(you could also use a roller)

  • aluminum foil

  • clear top coat(Sally Hansen hard as nails, or any sealant/varnish)

Do This:

  1. start by kneading clay. you want the condition of the clay to be soft and flexible. don't worry if the piece you break off is initially hard and crumbly; it will be workable after kneading! 
  2. after kneading, decide on a color to work with. mix that color with translucent and knead until completely mixed. (first 3 pictures below show the color mixing process for three colors and the 4th shows a mixed and kneaded green clay)
  3. after kneading, make small balls of clay and lay them on foil. the size is up to your personal preference, depending on the size of the bead you wish to make. mine were approximately the size of half a pea.
  4. next, taking a pen with a smooth rounded surface, roll across balls to flatten.
  5. to create the center of the rose, roll one flattened ball horizontally from left to right or right to left. this creates the center swirl. hold onto one end of the rolled clay and pinch lightly.
  1. next, take another flattened ball and wrap around the center. secure to center by gently pressing into center and lightly pinching with fingertips. repeat by overlapping petals to create rose. you can add as many petals as you would like but I generally layer about 5-6.
  2. cut off excess clay by laying rose on foil and cutting off end with card/knife.

  3. pick up rose and pierce with needle. if the needle sticks to the clay, dip needle in water or some baby oil first! this will allow for a clean, pierced hole. remember to hold onto the flower lightly!! 

    • [if it is still difficult to pierce, place roses in freezer for 30 minutes so they are firm, before piercing.]

  4. repeat process as many times as you would like.

  5. lay roses separately on foil and bake according to what is stated on the clay packaging label.when finished baking, allow for beads to cool down.

  6. after cooling, coat with varnish or clear top coat and allow to dry.

    • coating beads is optional! the picture on the bottom right shows the difference between coated and non-coated beads.(the upper right corner shows four coated beads, the other four uncoated.

you can also make roses with closed centers!

to do this, start with a tear shaped center, using the small rounded end as the center of the rose!

What did I do with these beads?