Crystal Stud Bangle Tutorial

This is what we're making!

Crystal Stud Bangle.jpg

Here's what you need:

  • old bangle
  • 5 studs
  • 5- ss16 swarovski xillion crystals (these are in peridot)
  • ribbon (approximately 1/2 inch longer than what it takes to wrap your bangle
  • gold bullion beads
  • E 6000 adhesive

This is optional!

  • triangle nail studs

Do this:

  1. measure and pierce studs onto ribbon, leaving space in between for crystals.
  2. using glue, apply crystals in between studs.
  3. using bullion beads, surround crystals.
  4. glue ribbon onto bangle. 
    • be careful to use the glue conservatively otherwise it will seep through the ribbon!

Adding details:

  1. glue nail stud on one facet of stud. repeat with others.