Watercolor Flower Nails Tutorial

This is what we're making!

Watercolor Flower Nails 1.jpg

here's what you'll need(what was used):

  • pink nail polish(Nature Republic Magenta)

  • top coat(Seche Vite)

  • light blue nail polish(Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams)

  • acryl gouache(Turner White, Cobalt Blue, Jet Black, Perm. Red)

  • WOW! hexagonal glitter(light purple, light pink)

  • nail/round brushes(size 0, 1)

  • water


  • lint free nail wipes

  • IBD nail prep

  • nail studs(various sizes, 1-3mm)

Watercolor Flower Nails 3.png

Do This:

! Optional ! using a lint free wipe, prepare nails with IBD nail prep. (this will help with nail polish adhesion!)

  1. apply two coats of pink polish to pinky and pointer, one coat of blue nail polish to ring, middle and thumb. let nails fully dry.
  2. mix blue with white gouache to achieve light blue gouache, repeat with red and white for pink gouache. dilute mixed gouache with water(1 to 10 gouache to water ratio).
  3. using a nail brush, drip drops of pink gouache onto blue nails. let drops dry on each nail before repeating application.(This will produce the darker outlines around the drops when dry).
  4. repeat process above with thinned blue gouache. feel free to overlap pink and blue!
  5. thin some black gouache by mixing in 2 parts water.(you don't want to dilute this too much as it would cause the above watercolor effect). using a light hand, draw small strokes to highlight "flowers" and to represent branches.
  6. mix purple and pink glitters. apply one layer of top coat on pinky and pointer, sprinkle glitter along baseline of nail and pat lightly to level.

  7. seal all nails with top coat!

    ! Optional ! after aplying top coat on pinky and pointer, drop nail studs along nail baseline.

Here's the studded version!

Watercolor Flower Nails 9.jpg