Crystal Coral Keychain Tutorial

this is what we're making!


Here's what you need:

  • 2-3 inches of curb chain
  • keychain ring
  • 5 inches of gold 20ga wire
  • some headpins
  • pearls, beads, crystals
    • 8mm amber bead, 3mm swarovski bicones in white and 4mm bicones in fire opal were used here
  • jump ring

Do this:

  1. put coral onto wire and twist a couple of times.
  2. cut excess off shorter end and wrap longer end around end of chain, looping around and using remaining wire to wrap around twist.
    • using jewelry pliers, gently clamp end of wire into wrap to avoid snagging clothing or getting scratches!
  3. using jump ring, attach other end of chain onto keychain ring.
  4. using head pins, attach various beads and pearls onto chain where you see fit. 
    • if it still looks a bit empty, add more beads!

added some more beads and voila!