Pearl & Neon Crystal Studs Tutorial

This is what we're making!

Here's what you need:

  • Some old costume jewelry, this one was a broken necklace!
  • pearls and gold seed beads
  • 2 earrings posts, 2 earring backs
  • crystal line (or fishing line)
  • E-6000 adhesive
  • 2 crimp beads

Do this:

  1. detach pieces from necklace by opening jump rings. 
  2. break off soldered rings by holding firmly onto piece with one hand and using pliers to bend ring backwards.
    • (not pictured) using a nail file, smooth edges
  3. string crystal line back of piece, bring both ends to front of piece.
  4. bring line through pearl, seed bead and then back through pearl to "lock" beads onto piece.
  5. repeat stringing pearls and seed beads as many times as you would like, until you make your desired effect.
    • 10 pearls and 10 seed beads were used on each piece, alternating between 5 small pearls and 5 larger ones)
  6. bring ends of line to back of piece and secure with a crimp bead.
  7. using some E-6000, glue earring post onto piece. let dry. 
    • although the picture shows that the post was glued to the center, it was moved to a corner instead!

Here's the final result!