Initial Stamp Tutorial

this is what we're making!

Here's what you need(what was used):

  • tracing paper
  • pencil
  • stamp carving block
  • cutter #2 (Speedball)
  • x-acto knife
  • tweezers(optional)
  • kraft paper(optional)

Do this:

  1. design or trace the illustration/letter of your choice onto tracing paper. (try searching for monogram fonts, there's tons for personal use online!)
  2. flip tracing paper over and rub with your finger or the eraser end of pencil onto carving block. 
  3. if the image is fuzzy, darken it with your pencil! 
  4. start carving by holding the tool as parallel to the carving block as possible for shallow cuts.
    • apply light force for thin cuts and stronger force for thicker cuts.
    • carve away from yourself by pushing handle forward rather than drawing it back.  
    • for this particular design, I used all thin cuts due to the size and delicate design. tweezers were used to pick up cuts that remained "stuck" on block. 
  5. when you think you're finished, go over the design in pencil again to make sure you didn't miss any cuts. if you did, get rid of them!
  6. using an x-acto or sharp knife, cut out your stamp! that's all!

make your own wrapping paper by stamping on kraft paper! 

you may choose to make a more clean cut by getting rid of the lines around the design but I left them because it makes everything look