Paper Water Lilies & Chrysanthemums Tutorial

Make these flowers with some copy paper in your free time! 

I have created the files for these flowers and made them available in the content of this post. For personal use only please! The files are in pdf, svg and ai formats. If you have Adobe Illustrator, you can edit the colors and sizes to your liking. Otherwise, request changes in the comments and I'll try to make them available. In the meanwhile, download the pdf instead. I cut my shapes with my Silhouette (read about it HERE) but assuming that these files will be cut by hand, I have made appropriate edits to help you save time! Foliage is also included in the water lily files. Enjoy and thank you!

Here's what you need: 

  • printer
  • flower files (below)
  • scissors
  • glue

download the files by clicking format below:

chrysanthemums: pdf

water lilies: pdf

Send me an email through the "HELLO" tab above with subject "Water Lilies & Mums SVG" if you would like the svg file for cutting machines. These were cut with a silhouette!

Follow the steps below!:

  1. cut out all shapes! (I did not print in color for these as they are just for demonstration purposes.) 
  2. holding onto centers of each shape, curl petals with fingers or scissors. (as you would curl ribbon!) arrange shapes in size order. 
  3. the four center shapes are of the same size. take one and fold in half. then fold in half again. then once more. after folding, snip off the point to create a flat surface for gluing. 
  4. with the other three centers, simply fold petals towards the center so that they stand upright. 
  5. assemble by gluing shapes on top of each other in size order. ruffle petals as you see fit! 

the chrysanthemums have a lot of dimension! this is what they look like from a different angle: 

next, the water lilies! 

Do this:

  1. cut out all shapes! snip across rectangle to create a fringe. 
  2. arrange shapes in order and fold all petals towards centers. roll fringe to create a center and secure end with glue. 
  3. assemble by gluing shapes on top of each other in size order. glue fringe onto center and ruffle with fingers to add dimension. 
  4. taking the two leaves, glue the ends together at an angle (refer to photo below) to create a lily pad. 
  5. glue flower onto the joining ends of lily pad. 

i promise they look more glorious in color and in person. With the download files, you will be able to create two mums or three lilies with each sheet of 8.5x11 printer paper! happy creating! 

one last thing! the files were created so that if you cut the sheets in half and into thirds respectively, you can match and layer them so that you only have to cut the shapes for each flower once!